I Like Stories

I like stories, and I really like success stories. In the Bible, the whole 11th chapter of Hebrews is chocked full of success stories, but these aren’t dollar and cents success stories, they are much more important, they are stories about how people bet their lives on what they believed. These are gut level, heart-pounding stories and the first verse of the chapter sets the tone: Read more »

Minimum Knowledge to Become Christian

Some time ago a friend asked me to write an article about the minimum a person must know and believe to become a Christian. I agreed, thinking, “That should not take too long.” But the more I thought about it the more difficult it has become, it took a long blog to explain the minimum a person needs to know to become Christian. The following is a summary of the blog, the details are below. Read more »


Tom (not his real name) is a political asylum seeker from Burundi, a small country in east Africa. He’s applied for American citizenship and when that’s granted he’ll take the oath and change his allegiance from Burundi to America.

His application to become an American citizen is similar to an application to Read more »

The Gospel (Good News)

man-7In this day and age with all of our wars, pain, refugees, and on and on, it’s always nice to have some Good News. But, there can’t be any Good News without the bad news.

The bad news really isn’t news, it’s normal life. We see evil and the evidence of evil all around us, we watch it on the nightly news, we listen to it conveyed in our songs, and Read more »

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Lystra – Interesting!

lystraLystra and the events that happened there have always intrigued me. Lystra was a country town in Galatia (in what is now central Turkey) that Paul and Barnabas visited on their first missionary journey as recorded in the New Testament, Acts chapter 14 (48AD). Read more »

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Do it Anyway

Do ItWhile doing some work on another project I came across this information about Mother Teresa and her efforts in India. She posted them on her wall. These ideas gave my heart a lift and they inspired me as I thought about how we are to treat each other. Read more »